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Flooring by Gatorstep


Custom Made Flooring for your Boats

Keep your boat looking new with GatorStep, designed for grip, stain resistance, UV protection, and easy peel & stick application. Don’t fall for the other guys – stand firm on the right choice. 


Color Samples

(All Scraped Colors)

Want to see which colors will look best? We’re here to send you what you need. Ordering any samples will be delivered as a package with either scraped or molded colors.

Marine Lights by Roswell



QAR 1,900.00

Each Sold Separately 

NightWave (/nīt . wāv/) – A disruption of a body of water in the form of a swell with no light present, until now. It’s time to light up the water again with our all new and improved underwater LED. With over 3,000 lumens saturating the water, you’re no longer looking for the wave. It’s looking for you.


Nightvision 4

QAR 1,750.00

Each Sold Separately

This lightbar tower lighting features a brushed anodized aluminum finish with 316 stainless steel bracket. Lightbars come with dual Speakon quick connectors and lights can be rotated to face front and back.


Mirror Mount Combo

QAR 1,600.00

Sold as a set

Roswell’s new Windshield Mirror Mount combo includes the Roswell Mirror and an adjustable mounting clamp designed to fit most windshield headers with a soft rubber padding to prevent any damage.


Aviator Pro Wake Tower

QAR 14,000.00

Each sold separately

The Aviator Pro is packed with premium features designed for an integrated factory tower installation experience. Roswell’s patented cam latch & handle system make folding the Aviator quick and easy. With the Pro, we take it one step further offering a perfect tower base for your gunnel mount installation. Need more head clearance? The Aviator Pro also has a 4.5” inch riser you can add as an option. The Aviator will accommodate tower widths ranging from 80” to 92” with the narrow center section and tower widths from 86” to 98” with the wide center section. Fully pre-wired for a pair of tower speakers, and a dedicated Roswell USCG approved Anchor Light, the Aviator Pro is the closest to the factory tower for your boat. See all Options


Aviator Soft Top Bimini

QAR 5,000.00

Each sold separately

Designed for Roswell’s Aviator Wake Tower, The Aviator Soft Top bimini seamlessly adds on to your Aviator tower with easy-to-mount clamp arms and a collapsible bimini frame design.

See all Options

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