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R1 8″ In-Boat Speaker

QAR 2,300.00

Sold in pairs

The R1 8” In-Boat speaker is the larger and louder counterpart to the smaller R1 6.5” In-Boat. The shallow mounting depth combined with the 10” flying ­lead connector, give this speaker more mounting options with one of the easiest installs you could ever hope for. Custom paint options (N/A for Canada), coupled with the RGBs and RGB Controller,  make the R1 extremely customizable to suit your desires. They pair perfectly with our R1 Tower Speakers, R1 Marine Amplifiers, and R1 Marine Subwoofers, now get loud!


R1 6.5″ In-Boat Speaker

QAR 1,800.00 

Sold in pairs

The R1 6.5” In-Boat Speakers may look small, but this beauty will have no problem being the Sunday Funday speaker system in your cove. Set the mood for the night cruise home utilizing its integrated RGB LEDs which can be customized with our optional RGB controller (sold separately). All-in-all, this speaker will turn heads and leave your neighbors jealous.


R1 Pro Tower Speakers

QAR 8,500.00 

Sold in pairs

Introducing the future of marine audio with the revolutionary patent-pending R1 Pro Tower Speaker. Perfectly-tuned power with unmatched clarity only begins to describe the sensory overload you will experience with the speaker that has brought us into a new age of sound. Featuring the industry’s first color-changing LED light permeable speaker housing, the R1 Pro allows you to customize your combination of light and sound like never before.


R1 8″ Tower Speakers

QAR 7,500.00 USD

Sold in pairs

The R1 8″ tower speakers are a great addition to any marine audio system. We took all the features and performance of the R1 in-boats and integrated it into a durable aluminum housing, so you can enjoy your music while riding behind the boat or chilling on the sandbar. The housings also feature integrated RGB LED’s that can either be wired for a single color or connected to our RGB Remote &  Controller. All housing components are either anodized or painted with CRE to ensure they will not only hold up in harsh environments but also look good doing it.

Available in a painted matte white or gloss black with a brushed anodized finish, or with custom paint options that allow you to truly customize your boat. Custom paint gives you the options to either chose a single matte/gloss color or you can choose a specialty color to really make your boat stand out.


R1 12″ Subwoofer

QAR 3,000.00

The R1 12” marine subwoofers have a truly versatile design that will outperform. in an infinite baffle configuration, as well as being suited for sealed and ported enclosures. These subs will handle 500 watts RMS and have an excellent low-end extension. For a little extra flash, the R1 12” grill has built-in RGB LEDs, which can be controlled through our RGB Remote & Controller, that backlight the cone to create your desired visual atmosphere. If you’re wondering what to power it with, check out the new R1 1000.1 Marine Amplifier


R1 10″ Subwoofer

QAR 1,600.00 

Each sold separately

The R1 10” marine subwoofers have a truly versatile design that will outperform in an infinite baffle configuration, as well as being suited for sealed and ported enclosures. These subs will handle 250 watts RMS and have an excellent low-end extension. For a little extra flash, the R1 10” grill option has built-in RGB LEDs that backlight the cone to create your desired visual atmosphere. All of this is packed into durable marine-grade plastic housings that need just over 5” of mounting depth, giving you ample placement possibilities. The only limit is your imagination. If you’re wondering what to power it with, check out the new R1 1000.1 Marine Amplifier.


RMA 10″ Subwoofer Package

QAR 2,500.00

Sold as a set

Our RMA 10″ subwoofer package takes out the stress of shopping for the correct amp. It includes our RMA 10″ subwoofer and our RMA 500.2 marine amplifier to power it.


Roswell Marine 10″ Subwoofer Enclosure

QAR 1,300.00

Each sold separately

A box purpose-built to pound. Why do it yourself? Dad always hated you “borrowing” his tools anyways. Plus, we designed this box specifically for our woofers to pump out the best low ends out there. Get loud!


R1 900.6 Marine Amplifier

QAR 2,800.00

Each sold separately

The R1 900.6 marine-grade amplifier, made by Roswell, is everything your boats audio system has always wanted. Utilizing a 6-channel Class-D design that puts out 100 watts RMS per channel at 4Ω, these amps are perfect for powering your  R1 8″ and R1 6.5″ in-boat speaker setup.  It features calibrated crossover controls, differential RCA inputs for maximum noise rejection, fully conformal-coated PCB’s, and nickel-plated marine-grade wire terminals.


R1 In-Boat Package W/ RGB Remote & Controller

QAR 5,000.00

 Sold as complete package

If you’re searching for an all-in-one premium sound solution, the Roswell R1 In-Boat Package has you covered. Everything you need to experience the world-renowned Roswell sound is included, featuring four R1 6.5” in-boat speakers along with their R1 650.4 amp, Cybox Bluetooth Controller, RGB Controller, RCA Cables, and Dual Zone Controller.


R In-Boat Package W/ RGB Remote & Controller

QAR 4,300.00

 Sold as complete package

When it’s time to #GetLoud and you’re starting from scratch, the Roswell R 6.5” In-Boat Package comes ready to rock with every piece of the puzzle. Trade trips to the store for cruises to the sandbar with this all-in-one audio solution including our R 6.5” in boat speakers, RGB controller, R1 650.4 amp, Cybox Bluetooth Controller, Dual Zone Volume Control and every accessory you need to get on the water.


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